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monroe's motivated - Shaun Greenhalgh Monroe's Motivated...

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Shaun Greenhalgh Monroe’s Motivated- NFL Attention Step Have you ever been really good at something but not had the opportunity to benefit from it? Now imagine if those skills you have could land you a couple million dollars. You would be pissed when someone told you that you couldn’t have it because you aren’t old enough, wouldn’t you? Well this is the case for most of the remarkably gifted amateur football players. The National Football League requires players to either complete three years of college football or be three years removed from high school. Not only have I done extensive research over the last couple weeks on the subject but I also have some personal experience on the matter and tonight I am going to tell you why the NFL needs to abandon this three years removed policy. Need Step (Problem) I. Athletes are being forced to risk their future by having to wait in order to play in the National Football League. A. According to NFL Policy, The current NFL rule bars amateur players from entering the draft until three NFL seasons have passed since their graduation from high school. (Willing, 2004). 1. This prohibits any player, no matter how physically able he is, from playing professionally solely because of when he graduated high school. 2. Therefore Violates Sherman Act: According to Encyclopedia Brittanica, The Sherman Act declares illegal “every contract combination… or conspiracy which prohibits or restrains the act of trade or commerce to eliminate competition.” (Sherman Act, 2007). 3. Obviously excluding players from playing prohibits them from making a living and prohibits them from competing. (CAUSAL REASONING) B. Money and Injuries 1. Since the player can’t enter the NFL draft, he can’t cash in on the millions of dollars that the average 1 st round pick earns. 1 st round picks last year
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monroe's motivated - Shaun Greenhalgh Monroe's Motivated...

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