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Exam 1- - 2 Secularization Secularization is the theory...

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2. Secularization: Secularization is the theory that as a society modernizes its close identification with religious institutions and religious authority will become a more separated relationship. Through the growth of rationality and scientific discovery, religion has shifted from a dominating authority in a society’s culture and law into an individual’s own faith. Sociologist Max Weber described this transformation as a “disenchantment of the world.” Secularization Theory claims that, through the modernization of society, religion’s social significance on that society will weaken. Secular society’s separate government institutions from religious ones and the laws will become man-made instead of religious dogma. Secularization goes along with differentiation: the idea that as a society evolves each different aspect of society will become more specialized and distinct from one another. Privatization: Privatization, instead of believing that religion is becoming less and less important to society, claims that religion is becoming more personal rather than communal. With the modernization of society, many parts of an individual’s life are becoming increasingly private. Privatization includes religion as a part of society that is becoming less of a public aspect of life. Like secularization, privatization focuses on differentiation. As society modernizes, religion has less of a roll on many other aspects of society. Therefore, religion is becoming more of an individual’s own spiritual experience. People are liberated from the social constraints that religion used to hold over society. Differing from secularization, privatization believes that the
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traditional religious orientations and their institutions have not disappeared, but they are no longer the socially dominant form of their religion.
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