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modern islam studyguide essay2

modern islam studyguide essay2 - Efects of WWI on arab...

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Efects of WWI on arab nations -The ottoman empire officially sided with Germany and the central European powers -they were lead by Enver Pasha, who wanted to take over central asia, but was a shitty military leader. He lead an attack on Russia, but insisted on attacking from the front, and lost 86% of his army in the battle of Sarikamis. - the arab revolt occurred, which was a major reason the Ottoman’s failed. - this was lead by Sharif Husayn, who essentially made an alliance with England after the McMahon-Husayn correspondence. He tried to negotiate an Arab State in exchange for the arab support in the war. Britain says that France had claims to Syria, but agreed anyway. -After the Allied victory, Britain had to decide who they would support, the arabs or France. Because of France being a larger power, and more similar nation, they sided with France in the sykes-picot agreement. The arab-middle east was divided up between france and England. Husayn marched to Demascus, but was eventually forced to flee
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