Jekyll - Dr Jekyll's Disguised Evil Edward Hyde is evil....

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Dr Jekyll’s Disguised Evil Edward Hyde is evil. There is no questioning that. He tramples a girl and viciously murders a highly respected man. Dr. Jekyll, however, is much worse. He chooses to create Hyde because of a secret passion for going against good society. When he is Hyde, he blames Hyde for all of his actions and takes no responsibility at all. In fact, before he commits the act of murder, he repays all the wrong doings that he commits through Hyde. He makes himself look more charitable to society because he tries to undue the evil that he, in fact, commits. Henry Jekyll uses his alias of Edward Hyde to escape the responsibilities of his evil. In Robert Louis Stevenson’s novel, Dr Jekyll and My Hyde , Dr. Jekyll is an upstanding member of society. He is introduced in the novel as “Henry Jekyll, M.D., D.C.L., LL.D., F.R.S., &C.” (14). The only suspicious aspect of Dr. Jekyll’s life is his will. His will instructs his lawyer, Mr. Utterson, to give all of his possessions to an Edward Hyde when he disappears. With Edward Hyde already having a suspect reputation, Mr. Utterson concludes that Hyde is blackmailing Dr. Jekyll. How could Dr. Jekyll be interacting with a man who trampled a small girl? Dr. Jekyll is too respected and admired socially to be associated with the likes of Edward Hyde without some sort of evil in the works. When Mr. Utterson asks Dr. Jekyll about his relationship with ‘young Hyde,’ Dr. Jekyll “[grows] pale to the
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Jekyll - Dr Jekyll's Disguised Evil Edward Hyde is evil....

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