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indonesia gamelan notes - metallophones, more lively...

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Ethnomusicology 3/20 Indonesia-300 different ethnic groups many islands and mainly muslim Indonesian Music- music very regional Gamellan Sunda (west Java)- Salendro-5 equidistant (gamelan of people/entertainment) degung-pelog 5 unequally spaced scale (more aristocratic) flute w/ gong etc. gong=one cycle of melody ex: galatik mangut (klasik style; austere, pared down style, restained drumming); dareuda (kawih; more
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Unformatted text preview: metallophones, more lively drumming, focused on vocal); pras pris (blends traditional with western instruments like a keyboard etc—created by Nano S. pop degung) ex are names of songs I think *Hajat: held at home, eating and socializing Salendro: accompanies wayang golek; instruments and tuning similar to Javanese Sarons are interlocking...
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