tempest - The Struggle for the Ideal Society Shakespeare's...

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The Struggle for the Ideal Society Shakespeare’s play, The Tempest , is a story of a society of contentious relationships. The relationships amongst these characters are defined by violent or immoral actions due to the animosity that these characters have for one another. Shakespeare uses people’s lust for power in the government to show relationships between characters on an island. Using these relationships, Shakespeare reveals his negative view of greed and corruption in society. The relationships within the play are full of betrayal and distrust, especially between brothers and the hierarchy of the government. Relationships amongst family members should be strong, trusting, positive, and moral. In truly loving relationships, both people in the relationships must be wise, flexible, sensitive, understanding, accepting, and tolerating. The relationships between brothers in The Tempest are lacking these characteristics. Therefore, instead of brotherly love, there is contempt and hate. Prospero, the proper Duke of Milan, has been banished by his brother, Antonio, from Milan. Antonio banished Prospero so he could usurp the dukedom from him. Antonio desired fame, wealth, and power. With the help of Alonso, the king of Naples, stole his brothers position and sent him and his infant daughter, Miranda, out to sea to die. While at sea, it was possible that Prospero and Miranda would die.
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tempest - The Struggle for the Ideal Society Shakespeare's...

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