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beauty beast paper - The Beauty in the Beast Although based...

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The Beauty in the Beast Although based on the fairytale by Jeanne-Marie Leprince Beaumont, The Courtship of Mr. Lyon , by Angela Carter, is a much different story than Beauty and the Beast . Even though the ends of both short stories have the same result, The Courtship of Mr. Lyon ’s characters are much more realistic in human nature. The story, like Beauty and the Beast , involves an “atmosphere of a suspension of reality… where all the laws of the world… need not necessarily apply” (Carter 145). However, Angela Carter gives her characters more human qualities and personalities. The first change she makes is to Beauty’s character. She transforms Beauty from a perfect character with no faults to a character that is tempted by human desires and luxury. Her family is also much different in that she has no siblings and her father is a more virtuous. The final character change between the stories is the Beast. The Beast, who now has a loyal servant, is now a majestic, beautiful creature, instead of the horrid ugly beast he is in the Beauty and the Beast . The Courtship of Mr. Lyon ’s character development, although lacking in dialogue, presents them in a way more modern and lifelike. Beauty is perfect. She shines above the values of the rest of her five siblings, especially her greedy, party-going sisters. When her ‘good’ father loses his great fortune, she and her siblings have to move from the extravagant luxuries of the city. Beauty, of course, is ready to do whatever she must do to help her father, even with many rich suitors. She agrees to rise at four in the morning to do the chores needed to help provide for her father and family. When her father finally seems to get a good business deal, and
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her sisters ask expensive clothing, she only asks for a rose. The rose ends up being an
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beauty beast paper - The Beauty in the Beast Although based...

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