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Campaign advice - A Letter to Hillary Rodham Clinton...

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A Letter to Hillary Rodham Clinton Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton, You should be very excited about your chances of being elected president of the United States of America in the upcoming presidential race of 2008. The current president, President George W. Bush, may become the most unpopular president leaving office in the history of our country. The current war in Iraq is a disaster and the citizens certainly desire a change in leadership. The low approval ratings of President Bush shows that the American people do not believe that the current executive office is governing correctly and that it is not leading America in the right direction. In addition to his current struggles, the Democratic Party almost defeated President Bush in 2004, when his approval rating was at a favorable 53%. (80). President Bush won by only 3 million votes, the lowest margin of a reelected president since President Truman, and 35 electoral votes, which, besides President Wilson, is the lowest margin of victory ever by a reelected president. (124). The democrats were almost able to defeat the incumbent even with the very liberal Senator John Kerry as its presidential candidate, whose campaign was weak at best, when compared to a strong presidential campaign by the Republican Party. Senator Clinton, recognizing Senator Kerry’s campaign failures while building on the unpopularity of President Bush’s second term, your campaign should focus on establishing yourself as a charismatic and strong leader toward the American public. You must show the American voters that you are more moderate democrat, especially with your stance towards national security and foreign policies. In addition, it is essential that
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your campaign distances yourself from the “Blue Elite” persona that Senator Kerry possessed, while returning to core democratic values to ensure a great percentage of our partisan followers vote you into the Oval Office. During the presidential race of 2004, President Bush was able to portray Senator Kerry as an unfit leader during troubled times. 2004 was the first election in the age of terrorism after the attack of September 11 and America had supported and stood by President Bush on his handling of the aftermath of the attacks. President Bush used his presence after the September 11 attacks to show that he is a strong leader that can protect America’s national security at home and on foreign soil. President Bush was unopposed as the republican candidate and, therefore, was able to immediately concentrate his campaign against Senator Kerry when it became clear that he would win the democratic nomination. The Bush campaign continually announced that Kerry was unfit to lead and protect America in this time of terrorism. Bush also effectively portrayed the importance of his reelection in the age of terror by making “don’t change horses in the middle of the
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Campaign advice - A Letter to Hillary Rodham Clinton...

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