practice exam--strategy module theroux

practice exam--strategy module theroux - Sample Exam...

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Unformatted text preview: Sample Exam _______________ Dr. J. Theroux Strategy and Entrepreneurship 1. Last year USAir announced it "plans to consolidate its fleet, reorganize its maintenance activities, centralize purchasing, improve crew scheduling, and boost aircraft utilization." These efforts: a. differentiate USAir from other airlines b.* help USAir become cost-competitive c. increase the size of the company 2. In a Wall Street Journal article we learned that "Fares in some markets took a dive. A Baltimore-to-Los Angeles fare went down 28%; Boston-to- Philadelphia is down 33%; Chicago-to-Los Angeles is down 25%." This is a sign that a.* buyer power is increased b. supplier power is decreased c. Ultrair went out of business d. the economy is growing 3. Bread & Circus has executed the strategy: a. differentiation b.* focus c. cost-leadership d. natural product 4 . In Porter's analysis, the "five forces" include: a.* buyer power. b. inflation. c. government. d. all of the above. e. none of the above. 5. In the grocery business, a 2% profit on sales a. is too low b. is too high c.* can create a high ROI 6. Which of the following are ways of becoming an airline cost leader? a. raise ticket prices b. increase advertising c. offer frequent flyer miles d.* give stock to employees 7. Big Y has implemented the following features. Which would be the hardest for Stop & Shop to copy: a.* food court b. expanded pet supply section c. community contributions 1 The following three questions pertain to the article, "Four Lessons Airlines Need to Learn." 8. From 12 We can infer that _______ is/are less in 1995 than in 1990. a. entry barriers b. return on investment c. taxes d.* rivalry 9. In 13 we learn that a.* substitutes exist for air travel b. videoconferencing is superior to air travel c. the airlines must enter the videoconference business 10. 14-16 implies that...
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practice exam--strategy module theroux - Sample Exam...

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