fundamentalism and liberation theology

fundamentalism and liberation theology - Christian...

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Christian Fundamentalism and Liberation Theology Throughout Christianity, factions, such as Roman Catholic, Protestants and Mormons to name a few, provide different interpretations of the Bible. The different sects of Christianity all preach their beliefs on how to live the life of a good Christian. Liberation Theology and Protestant Fundamentalism, both formed in the past two centuries, were created in response to current political and social issues. The two hold very different principles of Christianity, but both call for people to dedicate their lives to Christianity and following the path of Jesus. Liberation Theology, formed from Roman Catholics, expresses that Jesus was not only a savior, but also a liberator of the exploited. Liberation Theology calls for people to follow in the footsteps of Jesus by helping the unfortunate and resisting injustice. Fundamentalism, on the other hand, uses the basic elements of Protestants beliefs, while strictly using a literal interpretation of the Bible to rediscover the fundamentals of faith. Because of their devout and pious method of religion, the two religions have gained large followings but have also been a subject to criticism. The two religions use different approaches to answer the questions of the modern world spiritually. Liberation Theology emerged from Roman Catholicism in Latin America in the 1960s in response to poor treatment of the less fortunate people in the area. Because of the vast amounts of inequities in Latin America, Liberation Theology called for people to
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fundamentalism and liberation theology - Christian...

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