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Odyssey - The Most Treacherous Adversary in The Odyssey In...

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The Most Treacherous Adversary in The Odyssey In Homer’s epic poem The Odyssey , the hero Odysseus faces many challenges, enemies, and adversaries. The enemies that he encounters differ from that of a six-headed monster to the immortal gods. Odysseus, a hero of the Greeks after the ten year Trojan War, spends another ten years fighting for his life against monsters and gods. He uses his cunning and strength to finally make it home, where he ultimately ends up slaughtering all of his wife’s suitors. Odysseus, however, does not have to face the most treacherous enemy in The Odyssey . Although he does face the most feared and gruesome creatures in The Odyssey , he does not have to face the great enemy of the unfaithful wife. Odysseus, after he sets off from Troy, immediately faces troubles during his journey home. The first monster he faces is the Cyclops Polyphemus. Polyphemus traps Odysseus and his men in a cave and eats two of them a night. Odysseus uses his cunning to rescue himself and his comrades from the maliciousness they were facing. He survives from being eaten by blinding the monster and convincing it that his name is Nobody. Odysseus escapes the cannibal and is able to set sail back on his ship. Odysseus faces many other cannibals and man-eating monsters during his epic journey. The Laestrygonians, a land of huge people or even giants, destroy
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Odysseus entire squadron, except for his ship. The Laestrygonians do this after their king greets Odysseus’ messenger by giving them “a barbarous welcome.
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