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sociology race mac

sociology race mac - a good school and she belongs to a...

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Social-Conflict: Race My friend James had a great girlfriend. She made him happy and whenever I saw them together they seemed to be having a great time. She always was a lot of fun when she was with his friends. The only problem was that she was a black public school girl, while he was white and went to one of more prestigious private schools in the area. She never seemed to have a problem with James when she was hanging around his white private school buddies, but she was always hesitant of having James hang out with her friends. When he finally did hang out with all of her friends, she basically acted like he was not there. She pretended that she did not care for him at all. The relationship between them ended up not working out because of how she acted towards him when she was with her black public school friends. I do not think the difference between going to a private school versus going to a public school was that much of a problem between them. The public school she went to is
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Unformatted text preview: a good school and she belongs to a middle-class family. Her behavior when she was around James’ friends, however, was completely different then when she was with her friends. James felt comfortable being with middle class black girl. She, however, never felt comfortable bringing a white, preppy, upper-class guy to meet her friends. It obviously was not socially acceptable around her friends to be with a guy like James. The two of them really liked each other. They displayed their affection for each other when they were with James’ friends. She liked him a lot and, without the social conflict between their class and race, they would have been a great couple. She, however, let the social pressures of her friends and society control the relationship. The social view of her community was not welcoming of their relationship, so she ended up not welcoming it either....
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