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russian history mod euro - The Russian Population and the...

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The Russian Population and the Bolshevik Revolution When the February Revolution of 1917 removed the Tsar from power, the Russian population burst with excitement and joy. The Russian workers celebrated in the streets. The Cossacks, armed farmers used by the Russian Empire to suppress strikes, did not attempt to stop the revolution as they had done during the Revolution of 1905. Instead, the Cossacks celebrated with the revolutionists. 1 The people of Russia had successfully gotten rid of something they did not want. The euphoria, however, did not last. Even members of the Bolshevik party were worried after the October Revolution. 2 The population wanted peace and freedom after the February Revolution. The October Revolution did not offer this peace/ During World War I, the Russian people turned away from the autocracy. While the population would celebrate victories, they despised defeats and blamed the government for their troubles. 3 The Bolsheviks predication that the war would help the Revolution was correct. 4 After the February Revolution destroyed the old Russian regime, a Provisional Government was formed with promises that a new constitution would be created by an elected Constituent Assembly. During the time before the October Revolution, the Bolshevik party grew from twenty-four thousand members to three 1 Shelia Fitzpatrick and Yuri Slezkine. In the Shadow of Revolution (Princeton, NJ: Princeton University Press, 2000). 34. 2 Ibid. 64. 3 Shelia Fitzpatrick. The Russian Revolution (Oxford, NY: Oxford University Press, 1994). 38-39. 4 Ibid. 50.
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hundred fifty thousand. 5 Lenin returned to Russia from exile and immediately promised the people of Russia “peace, land, and bread” and “all power to the Soviets” in his April thesis. 6 The Bolsheviks then seized entire control of the central government after the October Revolution with Lenin as its leader. Instead of having a multi-party Soviet government, Lenin made sure the Bolsheviks kept complete control of power. The Bolsheviks only won twenty-five percent of the popular vote during the elections for the Constituent Assembly, while the Social Revolutionaries won forty percent. After its first meeting, the Bolsheviks got rid of got rid of the Assembly. 7
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russian history mod euro - The Russian Population and the...

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