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social stratification mac - Social Stratification...

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Social Stratification Sociologists have often expressed how the transformation of agrarian society to modern society results in a transformation in the social stratification of those cultures. Modern societies change into the class system, which has been formed out of the caste system with the addition of meritocracy. The caste system, found mainly in agrarian societies, determines an individuals place in society through their birth alone. Therefore, the son of a farmer is going to grow up to be a farmer, while the first born son of a king is going to be a future king. Ideally, in a caste society, there is supposed to be no movement in social change. If a child is born in poor, he will most likely remain poor for the rest of his life. With the industrial revolution, the caste system in societies began to change into a system of classes. A class system uses the ideals of meritocracy, a society that bases social stratification on an individual’s personal achievement and merit, while continuing the traditional values found in a caste society. With advancements to technology and philosophies of the rights of man, caste systems eventually transform into a class system that does not becoming a full meritocracy. In seventeenth century France, the society and culture was under a monarchy that followed the caste system. The French society was split into three forms of social status. The three forms of caste were recognized by three different estates. Holding equal say in the Estates General, the first estate, clergy, and the second estate, nobles, were able to
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social stratification mac - Social Stratification...

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