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EDCI 288W: Forbidden BooksFall 2014 Slater/GroffMid-Term Quiz Review Guide Date:Tuesday, October 28 Time:12:30 – 1:45 PM Reminder:Assertion is not evidence.Cite specifics from texts and notes to support your assertions. Part I: Definition of Terms Directions:Define and explain five (5) terms from the twenty-one (21) included below. stasesvariable obscenity enthymemesA Return to Modesty emeticMargaret Sanger tabula rasaDr. Mary Calderone catharsis theorySIECUS Anthony ComstockMOMS First AmendmentPAUSE Federal Communications Commissionsafe harbor amicus curiae brief social purity movement Jack Straw decision George Carlin Meese Commission Part II: Court Cases and Laws Directions: Explain the significance of two (2) of the six (6) court cases or laws in the history of censorship included below. Regina v. HicklinFederal Communications Commission v. Pacifica Comstock ActAction for Children’s Television v. FCC Roth v. United States Tinker v. Des Moines Part III: Essay Questions
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