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History notes continued - By 1698 both parties(whigs and...

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By 1698 both parties (whigs and Tories) are disintegrated. Henry is the “Stock Holder” of the East Indies and at the point of 1689 the East Indies was the key to the French Expanse. At this point, French Expanse was increasing exponentially. William comes to the thrown in 1689- Major Ministerial Changes: 1691, 94 & 97. The same pattern follows with his successor Anne and carries on with George I. Henry creates the League of Ogsburgh which is to stop the French expansion. The only thing that the League does not have is a Navy. Therefore, England looks very good to him. James has a much bigger in England which was contrived mostly of Irish. Obviously, the English do not trust the Irish and neither did William. He then sends his wife and child across the French channel and in a few weeks went across himself. Later, a fisherman spotted him and turned him in to one of the magistrates in the city.
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