Streetcar - Kelly Keefer English 3301 A Streetcar Named...

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Kelly Keefer English 3301 March 26, 2008 A Streetcar Named Desire “The Kowalskis and the DuBois have different notions” (Williams 37). Stanley Kowalski is a lower class, blue-collar worker who is married to Blanche DuBois’s sister, Stella. Blanche and Stella were raised on Belle Reve plantation. Stella abandoned her family’s wealthy lifestyle. However, Blanche desperately clings onto her upper class status. In Williams’ play, “A Streetcar Named Desire,” the lower class is oppressed by the upper class. When Blanche arrives at her sister’s house in the French quarter of New Orleans, she insists that she is not at the correct address. Eunice, a woman who lives above Stanley and Stella, tells Blanche that she is at the right house. In disbelief, Blanche demands to be left alone to observe her new surroundings. Blanche views herself as superior to Eunice, which illustrates her upper class mentality. While waiting for Stella to arrive, Blanche takes notice of her sister’s cramped living quarters. Later, Blanche asks Stella if she has a maid. Typically, rich people can afford to have a personal maid to do household chores. This shows that Blanche continues to have high
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Streetcar - Kelly Keefer English 3301 A Streetcar Named...

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