Fallacies - 1. Irrelevant Authority-of or pertaining to the...

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1. Irrelevant Authority -of or pertaining to the idea that a certain person/s gives knowledge outside of his/her particular field of expertise, therefore making the statement irrelevant. (I.E. “The world is dying, we need to take drastic steps towards saving her.”-Al Gore; Statement is irrelevant because Al Gore is a politician, not a scientist. 2. Equivocation -Occurs when two different definitions are given for the same Phrase or word, therefore making it extremely difficult to distinguish which one they are choosing to go by. (I.E. Laws are made by lawmakers, however if the laws of nature disappear, then we may have serious problems concerning our world Begging the Question. -Also known as arguing in a circle. Occurs when someone comes to a solution/conclusion and its premises are assumed to be true without evidence being given to support it. (I.E. “How do you know that the bible is based on holy divinity?” “Because in se it says right in the third chapter of II Timothy that "all scripture is given by divine inspiration of God” Appeal to Ignorance -occurs when one believes that because his statement/remark cannot be proven false, therefore it is true. Or, you argue that your conclusion must be true because there is no evidence against it. (I.E. “You should hook up with me tonight.” “Why should I?” “Why shouldn’t you?” Since you have been unable to prove your innocence, I must assume that you’re guilty) Questionable Cause -this fallacy occurs when a causual connection is made Without proof. All to often causual connections are made based upon mere Co-relation. (I.E. “This elevator was never broken until you moved in.” Slippery Slope -this fallacy occurs when it is assumed that because one incident
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Fallacies - 1. Irrelevant Authority-of or pertaining to the...

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