[POL 1001] Midterm Study Guide

[POL 1001] Midterm Study Guide - POL 1001 Midterm Study...

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POL 1001 Midterm Study Guide The midterm will be October 30, 2007 in class and worth 20% of your grade. It will consist of 50 multiple-choice questions that cover all of the reading assigned in class, as well as material covered in lectures and films shown in class. The publisher of the Lowi text (Norton) has a great website with study materials including chapter outlines, flashcards, sample quizzes, glossaries, etc. I highly suggest visiting their site and using that information. Below is a list of terms and concepts that you should be familiar with in order to do well on the exam, although all assigned reading is fair game. Rationality Principle Collective Action Principle Institution Principle Policy Principle History Matters Stamp Act Boston Tea Party Shay’s Rebellion Declaration of Independence Articles of Confederation Virginia Plan New Jersey Plan Constitution Preamble Commerce clause Necessary and proper clause Privileges and Immunities clause Supremacy clause Bill of Rights Federalism
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[POL 1001] Midterm Study Guide - POL 1001 Midterm Study...

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