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PRINT NAME ___________________________________ INTRODUCTION TO MATERIAL SCIENCE MSE-150 QUIZ 4 I PLEDGE MY HONOR THAT I HAVE NEITHER GIVEN OR RECEIVED AID ON THIS EXAMINATION. I FURTHER PLEDGE THAT, IF I HAVE REASON TO SUSPECT THAT THE CODE HAS BEEN VIOLATED, I HAVE TAKEN OR WILL TAKE ACTION AS OUTLINED IN THE CODE. SIGNATURE ____________________________________ (1 point each) Multiple Choice; The electrical resistance, R, is; a) a materials property b) the current/voltage ratio c) dependent on a material’s size or shape . As temperature increases, the electrical conductivity of a metallic conductor; a) decreases b) increases c) stays the same At low temperature, the electrical conductivity of metallic conductors is determined by; a) defects in the microstructure . b) bonding between atoms c) lattice vibrations Changes in the electrical conductivity of metals as a function of temperature are controlled by; a) changes in mobility b) charge on the carriers c) changes in carrier density
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