starches and wood study questions

starches and wood study questions - BIO 109 Plants in the...

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BIO 109 Plants in the World – Instructor Hollister Lectures 11 Study Questions 1. What is the importance of the potato? How is it that a potato producer can claim that growing potatoes provides the world with more protein than wheat or rice when wheat and rice actually contain a higher percentage of protein in their tissues? a. The potato is important because it provides more protein per unit land of area and it has more nutritional value, caloric content and yield per land area unit than any other crop 2. What is the origin of the potato? a. South America 3. Why was the potato only slowly accepted in Europe? a. People believed that because it was part of the nightshade family that it was poisonous. Eventually they realized it was not poisonous. 4. What is the nutritional value of green potatoes? a. Nothing, it is poisonous (if ingesting large amounts) . 5. What part of a plant is a potato? a. Stem 6. What is the eye of a potato? a. Nodes 7. What are seed potatoes? a. Seed potatoes are sections of potatoes that you can plant so it will grow a new potato. 8. How have potatoes extended the duration of wars? 9. What was the role of Phytophtora infestans in Ireland? Why did so many people die? Crops have failed in other regions without mass starvation, why was it so terrible in
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starches and wood study questions - BIO 109 Plants in the...

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