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07 Retailing Strategies

07 Retailing Strategies - Retailing Strategies(Distribution...

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Retailing Strategies (Distribution Strategies) Retailing is the single largest part of the US economy - automotive is the largest, but if you add the individual sectors that sell food, they are the largest - top food retailers: Walmart (biggest retailer that sells food, but not the biggest food seller), Carrefour, Ahoki, Metro AG, Tesco (finally opened their first store; “fresh and easy”; hybrid between convenient store and grocery store, small size fresh store, fresh food image in a convenient location, only 6 out of projected 300 open so far), Ito Yokado, Kroger (largest supermarket), Rewe, target, Costco, Aeon, Casino, Auchan, Intermarche, Schwarz Group, ALDI, Albertsons, Walgreens, Edeka/AVA, Safeway shopping frequency by channel - super markets #1; dropped in shopping frequency from 1999 to 2006 (56% 46%) - discounts department stores have also dropped - supercenters (food plus everything else): increased (18% 25%) - drug stores have increased - small-format value retailers have increased - warehouse clubs have increased -
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