HISTORY 1310 FINAL REVW - 1 Whig Party An American...

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1) Whig Party- An American political party formed in the 1830s to oppose President Andrew Jackson and the Democrats . Whigs stood for protective tariffs , national banking, and federal aid for internal improvements. Senators Henry Clay and Daniel Webster were prominent Whigs, as were four presidents (William Henry Harrison, John Tyler, Zachary Taylor, and Millard Fillmore). The party fell into disunity in the 1850s over slavery; some former Whigs, including Abraham Lincoln , then joined the new Republican party . 2) Democratic Party- anti federal origin. Against a too powerful central government. Believed in states rights. 3) Veto of Second Bank of the United States- Jackson was opposed of rechartering the bank. In 1832 Jackson vetoed a bill that would have renewed the charter of the Second Bank of the U.S. which was due to expire in 1836. Jackson claimed to represent the interests of small borrowers such as farmers, but he also advocated hard money. He opposed to the bank’s work as a large commercial institution. Said the bank was a “monster” intent on devouring hardworking people. 4) Nullification Crisis- Between Jackson and Calhoun. It was brought on by tariffs. It was the idea that individual states had the authority to reject, or nullify, specific federal laws. 5) Indian Removal Act- passed in 1830. The act provided for “an exchange of lands with the Indians residing in any of the states of territories, and for their removal west of the Mississippi River.” 6) Supreme Court on Indian Removal- Cherokee Nation vs. GA (1831): the Cherokee Indians viewed themselves as a sovereign nation, they didn’t think GA has the right to kick them out. Worcester vs. GA (1832): said that GA had the right to remove the sovereign nation. John Marshall, the judge for both cases, ruled in favor of the Indians and said that GA lacked the authority to force Indians from their land. 7) Texas Annexation- annexed in 1845 by Tyler. People took advantage of Texas not being a part of the US and started migrating so they would no longer have debt. 8) Liberty Party- A U.S. political party formed in 1839 to oppose the practice of slavery; it merged with
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HISTORY 1310 FINAL REVW - 1 Whig Party An American...

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