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Inquiry Paper - Medina 1 Brandon Medina Hilary Tellesen...

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Medina 1 Brandon Medina Hilary Tellesen English 130 18 December 2007 Fraternity Hazing and Their Rite of Passage Fraternities have become a long lived past time throughout universities all across the nation. Their traditions have become well known to all who have been touched by them. Though how does one join a fraternity? This could be answered very simply…by gaining the trust of the other members. We’ve all heard of “activities” being done to pledges trying to join fraternities by doing a series of push-ups, other cardiovascular work outs, or even driving to a different city and going on a treasure hunt for an entire night. These activities are what most average Americans believe to be called “hazing.” Some people believe these activities are a rite of passage, in which the pledges are undergoing a series of changes by performing these activities. The rite of passage for a pledge member joining a fraternity is like a young boy becoming a man in a native tribe; when the young boy has to prove his manhood by performing certain tasks. Others believe that these activities are not a rite of passage, but a type of torture which may result to injuries and/or even death. However, hazing is not the only thing to do with a fraternity. They also do community services, a lot of school related activities, and pledges get all sorts of merchandise with their Greek logo on them (Sweet 4). Fraternity members also learn how to give better speeches and run for office, which will help them out a lot once they reach the real world (Leung). People do not really care about these
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Medina 2 things though. They only seem care about how hazing is a problem, and needs to be cracked down, or are these people taking it too seriously? Hazing is not just a means of keeping tradition alive but it also makes the pledges grow out of their adolescence and become a part of a community. Defining hazing is a difficult thing, because there is not a solid definition out there. “Even state laws are inconsistent as to what constitutes hazing” (Hollman 14). In a website called they provide a definition of hazing which is, “Hazing refers to any activity expected of someone joining a group (or to maintain full status in a
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Inquiry Paper - Medina 1 Brandon Medina Hilary Tellesen...

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