art history - The city Marcel Duchamp Fountain Jeann(hans...

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Watteau The embarkation for cythera 1717 Fete galante 1717 Elegant outdoor entertainment The French can turn the messy nature elegant by Francois Boucher Lade and the swan 1741 Frgaonard Young girl reading 1776 Fragonard The shepherdess 1750-52 Thomas Gainsborough 1727-1788 British art of the enlightenment
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Unformatted text preview: The city Marcel Duchamp- Fountain Jeann (hans) Arp- Collage arranged according to the lkaws of chance Salvador Dali- The persistence of memory 1931 Rene Magritte – The treachery 1928 Meret Oppenheim – Object 1936 Kazimar...
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