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07 Pricing and Distribution Strategy

07 Pricing and Distribution Strategy - Bait and switch...

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Pricing and Distribution Strategy Pricing Strategies - flexibility vs. one price o customized pricing trend o Robinson Patman o Can alienate buyers - Product mix (line) pricing o Own products and complementary products - Discounts/promotions/allowances o Seasonal, quantity, etc. o EDLP vs. HiLo Wegman’s video - Geographical pricing o FOB (free on board) vs. uniform delivered - Legal aspects of pricing o Price fixing o Deceptive (see table in textbook):
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Unformatted text preview: Bait and switch Bargains conditional on other purchases Comparable value comparisons Comparison with suggested prices Former price comparisons o Predatory pricing o Discriminatory – illegal? Biggest Holidays for Marketers?-Halloween $3.1 billion-Father’s Day 8.0-Mother’s Day 10.4-Easter 10.5-Valentines day 12.8-Christmas/Hanukah/Kwanzaa 220.0...
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