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25JUN2007 Realism -For realist the recurring pattern of conflict is what we must seek to explain -Why are nations continuously preparing for, actively involved in, or recovering from war? -Why do wars occur repeatedly thought their causes seems to vary? Goals -States continually seek to increase power as an end in itself --it is rational to do so -Machiavelli and “measured cruelty” --how power is achieved and exerted between two entities Realist View: Morality and International relations -There is one ethics for the political sphere and one ethics for the private sphere -The ends justify the means Traditional Realism -The strong do what they will, and the weak suffer what they must -States are like people, so they will rationally continue to amass power as an end in itself -War is a reality -States go to war because they want to go to war -But when does war actually occur? Why War? -Struggle for hegemony --Since human beings are driven by three fundamental passions- interest, pride, and fear- they always seek to increase their wealth and power. Modern hegemonic wars
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PSCI3810.25JUN2007.Notes - 25JUN2007 Realism-For realist...

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