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21JUN2007 Huntington 1993 -What is a civilization? -Why will civilizations war? Clash of Civilizations -evolution of conflict -Princes states Ideologies Civilizations -Argument: International relations is beginning to move out of its West-centered phase What is a Civilization? -A social identity reflecting the highest cultural grouping and the broadest level of identity -Roman Italian Catholic Christian European Westerner Civilization Fault Lines -Western -Confucian -Japanese -Islamic -Hindu -Slavic-Orthodox -Latin American -African “Torn” Countries -Not all countries fall into a single civilization --Turkey --Mexico Problems with Clash Theory -Conflates Arab and Islam -Inconsistent --Arabs, Chinese, and Westerners, however, are not part of any broader cultural entity.” --“Islam has its Arab, Turkic and Malay subdivisions.” -What about civilization is war-like? -Fundamentalists are middle class -All people belong to a culture, so why don’t they war all of the time Realism and the Modern World
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PSCI3810.21JUN2007.Notes - 21JUN2007 Huntington 1993-What...

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