Congress pt.2 (3-4-08)

Congress pt.2 (3-4-08) - congress men around for days...

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Congress Why are lawyers the biggest profession of people in Congress? o Lawyers are more likely to know people in politics o Money for campaigns o Flexible Schedules Who makes up congress? Women 50% of America o 14% in House o 10% in Senate African Americans 14% of America o 9% in House o Less than a % in Senate (Obama) Hispanics 14% o 5% in House o Less than a % in Senate(Florida Senator) Roles of Congress Trustees, Delegates, Politicos 1. A Trustee is a person that you elect because you trust them and you allow them to use their own best judgment whether you agree with it or not. 2. A Delegate is a person that you elect to follow your instructions even if they disagree. This is what most people want but in reality, a Trustee works better. 3. Politicos are people you elect that go either way. Reading from Reader- Richard Fenno He wrote a book called Homestyle. In this book he wrote about how he followed
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Unformatted text preview: congress men around for days observing their life with their consent. He learned from listening to them when they talked about their constituents that there were 4 types. Geographical, Supporters, Loyalists, and Intimates Geographical o Anyone who lives in the boundaries of a district. Supporters-o Anyone who supports that congress person. o Always thinking about re-election even if they won every single election for 20 years straight by a 90-10 vote. o Always worried. Loyalists o They dont just vote, they love them. o Often work in their campaigns and give money. o Connection in background. Ex. Protestors of Vietnam War Intimates o People who are the closest friends or relatives. o When congress person goes home, they almost always call the intimates....
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Congress pt.2 (3-4-08) - congress men around for days...

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