Focal Concept Sheet 1 - PS103 US Political Systems Dr....

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PS103 Dr. Mitchel Gerber US Political Systems FOCAL CONCEPTS SHEET I: SOURCES OF CONFLICT WITHIN THE US POLITICAL SYSTEM 1. The Madisonian Model and Understanding of Human Nature and Conflict Resolution James Madison was an American founding father and chief architect or framer of the US Constitution. Madison’s political realism and interpretation of human nature: Humans are primarily motivated by personal self-interest or egoism and rational choice. This human condition results in intense conflict and competition among individuals and factions. The “Madisonian solution” implanted in the design of the Constitution promotes government’s primary function of resolving conflict or being a conflict manager. 2. Divergent Citizen Political Preferences A democratic political system is a natural context for the development of diverse individual preferences, claims, attitudes or positions on multiple and often complex and controversial issues of public policy. The wide-ranging continuum of divergent public opinion. 3.
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Focal Concept Sheet 1 - PS103 US Political Systems Dr....

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