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07 Positioning and Products and Brands

07 Positioning and Products and Brands - etc targets...

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Frito-Lay NewsWeek Postscript: Taking the junk out of junk food - “Perhaps no company has more at stake than chip-giant Frito Lay, the world’s biggest producer of nack foods, with $10 billion plus in annual sales. Home of the Doritos, Fritos…etc, Frito-Lay represents 36 percent of parent company PepsiCo’s operating profits” o huge repositioning Positioning: main approaches - head to head o companies with similar products and similar markets - differentiated o recognition that as a small business, it is unlikely that we’ll be able to compete, therefore we must take a different angle o how do we develop a different position? - Grab unoccupied position (could be part of head to head and differentiated) o Soft drink perceptual mapping i.e.: x-axis: nutrition low, nutrition high; y-axis: price low, price high axis determined by two important factors where are they now, where do they want them to be? “grown up soda” (GUS): coke and pepsi too sweet, unnatural,
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Unformatted text preview: etc.; targets teenagers-reposition the competitor in the customer’s mind o wendy’s fluffy bun; to mcdonalds “where’s the meat?”-strengthen own competitive position…add/modify attribute o avis: we’re #2, but try harder o 7up: we’re the uncola o Listerine: the taste people help, twice a day o Harley Davidson Only US manufactured motorcycle Early 90’s • Leaky, unreliable bikes • Missing market of new, changing consumer • Dirty, deteriorating What did they do? • Target yuppies o Brighten dealership colors and lights o Harley clogne and wine coolers o Competed with Hells Angles by forming Harley Owners Groups (HOGS) and “Ladies of Harley” o Improve engine quality o Maintained “thunder” of exhaust, etc. o Gentler, simpler softer ads o Harley dealers selling fashion clothing • Social responsibility: like minded Harley riders organizations •...
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  • Fall '07
  • Frito-Lay, Harley Owners Groups, Frito-Lay NewsWeek Postscript, Harley riders organizations, chip-giant Frito Lay

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07 Positioning and Products and Brands - etc targets...

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