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GEO307 Ch 1 Notes - GEO307 Chapter 1 I What is oceanography...

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GEO307 Chapter 1 I. What is oceanography? a. b. 4 major sub-disciplines i. 1. 2. Plate tectonics 3. Geology of oceanic crust 4. 5. ii. Chemical Oceanography 1. Composition of seawater 2. 3. Chemical tracers of ocean circulation 4. 5. iii. Physical Oceanography 1. Study of ocean circulation (wind-drive surface currents, density-driven 2. Waves 3. Tides 1. Distribution of marine organisms & the relationship of their 2. Influence of biology on environment 3. Interactions b/w organisms (ecology)
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4. Biology of marine organisms, biological adaptations to the marine environment II. Earliest Interests in the Ocean a. Copper age – metal tools such as copper fish hooks were developed by 5000 BC b. Egyptians developed early vessels (1 st recorded voyage in 3200 BC) c. Phoenicians were excellent sailors & navigators (traded throughout d. Figures of Ancient Greece i. Alexander the Great reached the deserts of the Mekran Coast in 325 BC ii. iii. Eratosthenes mapped the known world & calculated an accurate circumference of the Earth iv. Ptolemy produced the 1 st world atlas & underestimated Earth’s circumference (responsible for the mistake of Columbus concluding that he’d landed in Asia) III. Middle Ages a. Scientific interest dwindled after the Greeks – progress slowed & knowledge lost b. c. d. Scholarship about the sea remained primitive but knowledge about navigation increased e. Harbor charts became available f. With the introduction of the magnetic compass to Europe from Asia, compass directions were added
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GEO307 Ch 1 Notes - GEO307 Chapter 1 I What is oceanography...

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