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Ch. 15 Reaction Paper

Ch. 15 Reaction Paper - Melissa Fuller PS101 A Chapter 15...

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Melissa Fuller PS101 A March 20, 2008 Chapter 15 Reaction Paper My total score on the anxiety test was a 13 and said I was in the lowest quarter in respect to my anxiety level. To keep myself from having high anxiety I try to not think about negative thoughts when I’m dealing with stressful situations. I remind myself how relaxed I am going to be when I’m done with the current situation and think what I’m getting out of going through the situation. For example, when I’m about to take a test I try to think positive. I remind myself about how much time I spent studying and preparing for the test and that I covered and learned all the information. This keeps me from thinking that I am unprepared for the test, thinking that I maybe a skipped over a section and thinking that I am going to do poorly on it. Thinking positively puts me in a good mindset when it comes to situations like this and perform at my best ability.
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