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Samantha Moore Travel Fictions – Essay #1 Due October 2, 2007 Three young women set out for adventure. They are all of upper middle class social standing, and extremely attractive to the opposite sex. In their own unique settings and time periods, they all experience essentially the same set of events abroad. They all want to get a taste of the local culture and do so through high profile affairs with native men. Their motives however, are what set them apart from each other. They each fit into three of the different tourist categories described by Erik Cohen in his essay A Phenomenology of Tourist Experiences . Cohen suggests that every tourist seeks to extract something different from his or her travel experiences. The reason why each of the women views her courtship in a different way is dependent on her motives to travel initially. The title character in Daisy Miller by Henry James sees her flirtations with both Winterbourne and Giovanelli as diversionary, Lady Brett Ashley’s affair with Romero in The Sun Also Rises is a desperate attempt at experimental tourism, and Sophie’s tryst with Tancredi in Shirley Hazzard’s The Evening of the Holiday reveals her desire for an experimental tourism experience. Their different approaches stem from their primary reasons for travel, which are forced recreation, an escape from a troubled past, and a quest for a meaningful experience in a foreign place, respectively. In Henry James’ Daisy Miller , Daisy drifts along in the plot, not having any long- term expectations for her European sojourn. This makes her diversionary form of travel the least sophisticated of the three women. Even with all of her loquacious dialogue, she seems to be the object acted upon most of the time in the book, as she waits to be pursued by both Winterbourne and Giovanelli. Even though she becomes emotionally attached to
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Winterbourne by the books end and seems visibly affected by his disapproval when her “pretty eyes fixed upon [Winterbourne] in the thick gloom of the archway” (113), her
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Essay #1 - Samantha Moore Travel Fictions Essay#1 Due...

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