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Chapter 6 1. Vicky King believed that 85% of her people in her plant could work flexible schedules without jeopardizing productivity or efficiency. 2. “coral reefs” (p.79-80) – exceptions to rules; they were called this because there were two men who wanted to take time off to travel the world and take underwater photos, and the men were granted time by their company. 3. Amerco’s 40% system – People who wanted to retire or just nor work as hard could drop down to work just 40% rather than work 100%, salary would also go down, freeing up money to hire other people. 4. “mommy track” – Felice Swartz came up with this, she suggested that corporations should institute a side track for people who want to go at a slower pace due to outside obligations, such as child bearing, care for elderly… Chapter 7 1. Pictures that each group had in their office: a. Bill Denton, in Executive tower: pictures of family ski trip on the wall behind his desk b. Clerical Workers: pictures displayed all around their desks and cubicles so they could see the pictures themselves; like personal mementos c. Women managers: they didn’t want to be thought of as wives and mothers, but as professionals, so rather than personal pictures, they hung diplomas/ credentials 2. Eileen Watson: a 30 yr. old engineer with a husband - Jim and a new baby – Hannah. Eileen’s boss believed people working part time only gave a part time
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test_2_study_guide_chapters_6-11 - Chapter 6 1. Vicky King...

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