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ARS 101 Sec 2

ARS 101 Sec 2 - have been put in place to rebuild it Like...

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Art History 102 What was Perseus given to slay medusa? Where and how did he find her? Perseus was given a curved sword, winged sandals, a helmet of invisibility, and a mirrored shield by Hermes and Athena to slay Medusa. He later found Medusa and her sisters in a cave after blackmailing the Fates or Graeae when he stole their communal eye and tooth. Give some modern parallels to Pericles rebuilding the Acropolis: A modern parallel to the rebuilding of the Acropolis in Athens would be the rebuilding of the World Trade Center in New York. After enemies, ironically descendants of the Persians who destroyed the Acropolis, had destroyed the Trade Center elaborate plans
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Unformatted text preview: have been put in place to rebuild it. Like Pericles, corporate leaders have decided to rebuilt the Towers and make them even more elaborate and more structurally sound. While Pericles received money from tribute and taxes, the money for the new Towers has come from large donations from wealthy businessmen and corporations. As in the time of the Acropolis rebuilt, many have criticized the new project, stating that it is a waste of space and money, similar to the hefty expense of the Acropolis....
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