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immigration2 - Immigration Immigration is a big topic these...

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Immigration Immigration is a big topic these days in the United States. In 1989 the estimated amount of legal immigrants were, five-hundred-thousand to six-hundred-thousand, now legal immigration is over one million (wikipedia). Illegal immigration soared from one- hundred thirty-thousand in the 1970s to well over one and a half million in 2006 (wikipedia). Immigration can be looked at from a few perspectives. It is in the media so much that it is almost always a topic at family dinners and family parties. United States citizens have a different out look on immigration than immigrants themselves. Family members and others that I have asked their opinion have stated that they do not like either illegal or legal immigration. Non U.S. citizens have other thoughts on immigration in the United States. Since all the immigrants are coming to the United States to better themselves and their family, they think it is ok to come to this country any way they can, including illegal immigration. Illegal immigration is a very big topic in the media and in Washington today. Most of the media seen by the people of the U.S. is about illegal immigration and about how it is hurting the country. Even though illegal immigration is bad, it helps this country in a few ways. Many citizens of the United States are against illegal immigration, because as citizens they have worked so hard for the things that they have and illegal immigrants get some of the same things that legal citizens get. For example, both get the same kind of education unless they are willing to pay for private schooling for their children. And Joe Rosteck being an American citizen, you are paying taxes for these schools that your children go to, but the illegal immigrants are not paying taxes. So, the money that is put forth for the
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education of young U.S. citizens is being used for kids that have parents that do pay taxes
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