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Unformatted text preview: CLASSROOM DEMONSTRATIONS AND LABORATORY EXPERIMENTS PREFACE This instructor's resource component contains a number of classroom demonstrations and laboratory experiments as a resource for instructors of introductory (as well as more advanced) materials science and engineering courses. Organization is according appropriate book chapter(s); on occasion, an experiment/demonstration is listed more than once. There is also a "General and Design of Experiments" category; it contains demonstrations/experiments that address topics not compatible with the content of any book chapters. Most demonstrations/experiments were presented as papers at the annual National Educators' Workshop--Standard Experiments in Engineering Materials, Science, and Technology, and appear in the proceedings of same; reference to one of these proceedings is abbreviated as " NEWU" (for National Educators' Workshop Update ) and includes the workshop year (as two digits). We have included experiments/demonstrations that were presented at the 1988 through 1999 Workshops; this list will be updated periodically. Those demonstrations/experiments presented at Workshops between 1988 and 1999 are available on a CD-ROM: EMSET2 CD-ROM version 2.0 by James A. Jacobs, which may be purchased from Prentice-Hall, Inc. (ISBN 0-13-030534-0,; it is compatible with both Windows and Macintosh systems. In the list of demonstrations/experiments, reference to the CD-ROM is "EMSET." Furthermore, a number of these demonstrations/experiments also appear as papers in The Journal of Materials Education ( J. Mater. Educ. ) and are so referenced. It should be noted that we have also included a brief description of each demonstration/experiment. 1 GENERAL AND DESIGN OF EXPERIMENTS "The Use of Computers in a Materials Science Laboratory," J. P. Neville, NEWU 88 , pp. 31-33 and EMSET . This paper discusses a technique that may be used to capture and store photomicrographs using a computer. "Experiments and Other Methods for Developing Expertise with Design of Experiments in a Classroom Setting," John W. Patterson, NEWU 89 , pp. 119-131. In this paper are described techniques available to teach students how statistical methods may be used to design experiments. These techniques include mechanical simulations, computer simulations, and hands-on, in class exercises using simulated data. "Demonstration of a Simple Screening Strategy for Multifactor Experiments in Engineering," Larry Panchula and John W. Patterson, NEWU 90 , pp. 233-251 and EMSET . This paper outlines one technique (linear screening) used in designing experiments which is able to distinguish between those controllable variables that are important and those that are of little consequence. The technique is then applied to the design of a paper helicopter....
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