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Mart 365 January 21, 2007 Chapter 5: Shedding Light The three main points that I took out of Chapter 5 involve light meters, color temperature, and “rules” of lighting. The two main types of light meters are incident and reflected. One thing I wish was explained more clearly was the “18 percent reflection” that a light meter assumes of a subject. This was mentioned multiple times within the chapter with little explanation. The types of meters are than further broken down into different styles such as spot-meters and through-the-lens meters. I also found it somewhat confusing to know when to use which type of meter. It is briefly covered but there seems to be no concrete resolution as to when to use what style. The next important topic of the chapter covers lighting temperature. The temperature of the bulb in kelvin affects the perceived color of the light. I found it interesting how there should not be a set category of “indoor” and “outdoor” light, rather judged by the color of the light. I often
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