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Paper 1 Draft - 1 The Economist 2002"The Case for War...

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The Economist . 2002. “The Case for War.” August 3. Vol. 364 No. 8242. 2. Kagan, Robert and William Kristol. 2003. “Why We Went to War.” The Weekly Standard. Oct. 20. Vol. 009 No .06. 3. Mooney, Chris. 2004. “The Editorial Pages and the Case for War.” Colombia Journalism Review. Issue 2 4. Pincus, Walter and Dana Milbank. 2003. “Bush Clings to Dubious Allegations About Iraq.” The Washington Post. Mar. 18 p. A13 5. Zinn, Howard. 2002. “The Case Against War on Iraq.” The Boston Globe. Aug. 19. Weapons of Mass Destruction: Conjecture or Confirmed? While the Economist ’s “The Case for War” and the Washington Post’s “Bush Clings to Dubious Allegations About Iraq” opine on whether there is sufficient evidence to declare war with Iraq, the Boston Globe’s “The Case Against War on Iraq” presents a moral and legal view of a war with Iraq. Taken as a whole, the Weekly Standard’s “Why We Went to War” gives a great amount of credence to the Iraqi nuclear threat and sets an U.S-Iraq conflict as being inevitable. While each of these editorials attempts to either justify or condemn a conflict with Iraq, the Colombia Journalism Review’s “The Editorial Pages and the Case for War” gives an anthology of newspaper articles, scorning each for not holding the Bush administration more accountable. The growing displeasure over the current situation in Iraq calls into question the initial decision of the United States to go to war. This essay evaluates whether the media played a sufficient pre-bellum role in reporting to the public the evidence concerning Iraq and Saddam Hussein. I argue that the reporting before the war was altogether devoid of any evidence on the foremost reason for the war: Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction (WMD’s). I also contend that this lack of concrete evidence turned the pre-war reporting into a sort of “guessing game” with each side basing its decision on conjecture and speculation. 1
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Paper 1 Draft - 1 The Economist 2002"The Case for War...

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