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Benjamin Franklin’s childhood and family relations played a major role in shaping him to be the influential and powerful man he is known as today. At a young age, Franklin’s experiences significantly established his ethical values, his intellectual thinking, and the unique individual he grew to be. Benjamin Franklin is well known for his strong reliance upon moral values and ethical decision making. This code of conduct he swears by was heavily influenced by his father, Josiah. Franklin was very observant of his father and his reputation as well.
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Unformatted text preview: He was aware of Josiah’s reasonable judgment and the corresponding respect he earned from the community as a result. He was an honest man and it won him a respectable status in society without any money. Franklin depicts these memories explaining how he remembered being “frequently visited by leading people, who consulted for [Josiah’s] opinion on affairs of the town or the church he belonged to and showed a good deal of respect for his judgment and advice.” ( Franklin 7)....
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