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alternativeenergy - A need for an alternative energy source...

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A need for an alternative energy source is inevitable. However, the use of just one type will be insignificant in our world’s strive for energy efficiency. We need to utilize numerous of our natural sources, specifically solar, wind, and tidal generators. Exploiting these natural technologies collectively will be the most beneficial to our economy and environment. Due to recent technological advances in aiding the effect of the global warming crisis, there are multiple new findings in alternating energy use. The three most efficient alternative energy sources are the use of our earth’s natural wind, solar, and tidal power. However, each of these major advancements contains some drawbacks, thus, combining these different sources and using them to their best ability will fortify our energy savings and have the most advantageous effect on our economy. Currently the U.S and majority of the world are using fossil fuels as their major energy source. Yet, these fossil fuels use simple combustion to create energy and, as a result, produce a massive amount of pollution in the atmosphere, which has lead to extreme environmental problems. Fossil fuels are also a non-renewable source and with our over-consumption of these fuels, we are running low on sites for these resources and are forced into relying on foreign oil supplies. This conflict is what is increasing oil costs and emptying our pockets, destroying both our environment and our economy. The use of fossil fuels needs to come to an end. The first alternative energy source was created more than eighty years ago when researchers realized the energy use of solar power. Technology to utilize solar energy was not too complicated and easy to manipulate. Solar power involves using solar cells to convert sunlight into electricity, thus there is no fuel costs of any sort. This type of energy
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Snook is very useful for heating uses, which tends to be one of the major culprits of costly energy bills throughout the world. Solar energy can also provide numerous uses “for
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alternativeenergy - A need for an alternative energy source...

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