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Meaghan Brown “Collins Creates Poetry” There are several recurring structural, technical, and thematic ideas portrayed through the poetry of Billy Collins in his book entitled Nine Horses . After careful analysis of each poem, one can conclude that the rhythm, organization, title selection, diction, symbols, ideas and tones remain consistent. Billy Collins’ poetry is formally formatted. His choice to use natural language as opposed to a rhyme scheme throughout his poetry allows the flow of the poems to appear conversational. In his poem “More Than a woman,” Collins uses natural language to describe a thought that follows the speaker throughout the poem: “Ever since I woke up today, a song has been playing uncontrollably in my head … ” (14) This poetic structure creates a conversational mood, allowing readers to relate to the poetry. Additionally, it is apparent that the structure of his poems remains organized. He consistently uses three or four line stanzas, separating different ideas while grouping similar concepts together. In his poem “Love,” each stanza represents a new occurrence: The boy at the far end of the train car kept looking behind him as if he were afraid or expecting someone and then she appeared in the glass door of the forward car and he rose and opened the door and let her in and she entered then carrying a large black case in the unmistakable shape of a cello. (29) The first stanza describes the man looking around. The second stanza reveals that there is a woman behind him that he lets in. The last stanza allows the reader to see the
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woman as a cello player. This organizational structure systematically reveals
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poetry - Meaghan Brown "Collins Creates Poetry" There are...

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