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International Marketing Management Globalization Headaches at Whirlpool 1. What are the firm specific advantages of Whirlpool? Any country-specific advantages? Whirlpool’s firm-specific advantages consist of new product introductions, consumer-focused service offerings, and additional cost reductions. Another firm-specific advantage was their team approach strategy that allowed them to be global and local at the same time. Their country-specific advantage was the good American economy and large market that allowed Whirlpool to grow. Another country-specific advantage is its proximity to South America that allowed Whirlpool to grow in Brazil, which was Whirlpool’s most important foreign market. 2. Describe the competitive global market environment for Whirlpool. What seem to be the key success factors (i.e., competitive advantages) in the appliance business? Whirlpool faced a very competitive global market, for when they decided to go global, so did their main American competitors like Maytag and GE. So they not only faced local competitors but other
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msc415-ass2 - International Marketing Management...

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