darfur - 1 Jackie Shockley Darfur I. Intro A. (images) B....

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Darfur I. Intro A. (images) B. People in Darfur are suffering from systematic murders, bombings, forced displacement, rape, and abduction, all of which is supported by their government. C. The Sudanese government is violating international humanitarian law with the treatment of their citizens. II. Body A. For those who don’t know. Darfur is a region of Western Sudan, northeastern part of Africa, near Saudi Arabia. There has been a large conflict in Darfur for the past 4 years. 1. Side 1= (Arabs) Janjawid and Sudan’s government 2. Side 2= (Black) Sudan Liberation Army & Justice and Equality Movement. Rebels of government. 3. Reasons are ethnic and tribal conflict rather than religious. 4. Government of Sudan denies supporting the Janjawid, yet it provides money and soldiers for their army. It also participates in attacks against Black tribes, who are known to be associated with the rebel armies. 5. An underlying reason for the conflict is that Darfur is experiencing drought; its fertile land is becoming desert, and it’s overpopulated. Arab nomads were trying to move South in search of water, where the Black tribes happened to live… B. The actual violence started on April 25, 2003 when rebels raided Sudan’s government air base in El Fashir. They destroyed bombers and stole ammunition and weapons. 1
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darfur - 1 Jackie Shockley Darfur I. Intro A. (images) B....

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