BIOLOGY MIDTERM REVIEW - Ian Roberts 1. It is important to...

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Ian Roberts 1. It is important to have proper controls in an experiment because it provides something to base your results on using comparison and observation. 2. There should only be 1 variable different between the control group and the experimental group in an experiment. 3. A double blind experiment is where both the subjects and the conductor of the experiment don’t know which the control group is. 4. The difference between correlation and cause and effect is that correlation relates 2 ideas that are unrelated and forms a conclusion, cause and effect shows that A specifically causes B. 1. The different types of microscopes are compound light microscopes which use light beneath a translucent object projecting it into the lenses for viewing with decent magnification (can’t view opaque images). The stereomicroscope is used to study whole 3-d objects at a low magnification (low magnification). Then there are electron microscopes of which the transmission electron microscope which can show 2-d images of a cells internal structure (lacks some detail). And finally the scanning electron microscope which resonates a 3-d image of a specimen (can’t view live objects) 2. To calculate the total magnification of a specimen through the microscope one must multiply the objective lens magnification by the ocular lens magnification. 3.
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BIOLOGY MIDTERM REVIEW - Ian Roberts 1. It is important to...

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