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Mid Term Engl 112A - Donald Frazier Scott Rice English 112A...

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Donald Frazier Scott Rice English 112A 8 March 2008 Color Blind: An examination of hereditary stereotyping Humanity is far from a perfected convention, and the American Social structure is just as flawed as any. On the surface, The Cay is the story of an unlikely pair who must work together to survive. However Taylor intended a much deeper meaning. The Cay was written the same year as Dr. Martin Luther Kings Assassination and dedicated to his memory. In order to use this novel to address racism and hate, I would assign it during black history month. Supplementing the reading with Dr. Kings “I Have A Dream,” I would orchestrate a discussion in which the children could draw parallels between Dr. Kings dream, which focuses on children. And the character development of Phillip. The metaphor's of blindness to color, and changing of heart. Phillip's name changes from “young boss” to Phillip, after losing his sight. The students should be able to see a direct correlation with Phillip's subconscious feelings of superiority with his ability to see that Timothy is a different color than he is.
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Dr. King emphasized that equality will come with the education of our children, their innocence is necessary to break the cycle. This can be reinforced in the class discussion, and will be further grounded when the children come to these
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Mid Term Engl 112A - Donald Frazier Scott Rice English 112A...

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