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Donald Frazier Holocaust Lit Dr. Harrison Journal 3 “Anne Frank and the use of Tone” In her Diary Anne two distinct voices. The first, general voice is used to address the diary as if it were a friend and confidant. A public audience. The other voice is more intimate, more personal, a catalog of thoughts, secrets a true diary. There are two key factors that assist us in determining the audience. The first is tone, when addressing a public audience, Anne adopts a declarative, nearly argumentative tone. It is clear that she in conveying her opinions as if she were speaking to another human being, rather than cataloging thoughts for a reader she will never meet. In contrast when she is
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Unformatted text preview: writing for herself, and herself alone she uses a much more private tone. Comparative to a whisper, a secret. The other factor that allows the reader to understand the audience is the content of the diary entry. Based upon the content of the entry, we can determine the audience for which it was intended. There is not definitive address for Anne's audience because it is a diary, therefore because there was never an intended audience, the reader is responsible for determining the voice behind each passage. But Anne's use of tone, as well as the readers understanding of the content gives evidence so that an audience may be inferred....
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