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Donald Frazier Holocaust Lit Dr. Harrison Journal 2 “Lawrence Langer and The Miracle Paradox” Lawrence Langer takes a unique stand on Holocaust literature. Controversial at best, his poorly researched, and hypocritical opinions remove his credibility to the active reader, preventing him from being taken seriously as a commentator of the Holocaust. To describe Holocaust literature as “of the moment” is hypocritical when his very essay is only applicable in a world where Holocaust awareness and publication is predominant. The flaw in his argument is however that Holocaust literature is not “of the moment” at all. There has been a steady flow of memoirs, journals, films, and novels
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Unformatted text preview: dedicated to raising the awareness of, and honoring the heroism of the resolve of those who made it, and the memory of those who did not. The miracle paradox is an on-going moral debacle that questions the validity of a superior heavenly being. For example, If a plane were to crash and one person were to survive, the term miracle would be applied to that one persons safety, ignoring the tragedy of the countless others lost. On the surface, the miracle paradox can be applied to the Holocaust, but on further examination one finds that the significant difference is that there is no miracle aspect to the Holocaust atrocities, for even those who managed to live, were killed inside....
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