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Donald Frazier Holocaust Lit Dr. Harrison Journal 1 What is Badenheim? In his first novel, Appelfeld's first novel; Badenheim: 1939 , A portrait is illustrated of a small Austrian resort town, and the people who live there. The people of Badenheim are unique in their ambiguity. All have a definitive purpose and place in the town, however they could just as easily have this place in any Jewish settlement on the eve of the Holocaust. Pappenheim, is the optimistic visitor who doesn't really live life critically and always seems to have a positive explanation. He could just as easily be the upper middle-class business owner, who gave it all and walked willingly into the Ghetto's without even thinking to question the why of the
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Unformatted text preview: situation. Dr. Langmann however draws instantly on his national pride over his cultural identity, and uses this overcompensation deliver him to safety. Appelfeld delivers a cast so colorful, yet so vague that they could be anyone just as they are everyone. This ambiguity is the central evidence that the novel is a satirical work. When the sanitation department begins to shut the city down, all the players have a different reaction. Ranging from hope to despair, happiness to dread, the people of Badenheim react in the way that so many Jewish nationals did when the “sanitation department” came for them....
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